Ecosystem Type of Germany (IUCN classification)

Mapping of the terrestrial Ecosystem Types in Germany, according to IUCN GET classification, adapted to include additional classes that are not originally part of the global classification, but which were recognised as relevant in the German context. The table below shows the additional EFG that were identified during the crosswalk from the German national habitat classification to the IUCN GET

Father class: Biome (EFG) -------------|| EFG name
| Intensive land-use biome (Plantation) | Hedgerow
| Intensive land-use biome (Plantation) | OrchardMeadow
| TemperateBorealForestWoodland -----| ConiferousTemperateForest

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Author Marius Bellingen1, Alessio Bulckaen2, Simon Schürz1 (1:Destatis, 2:BC3)
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Created May 22, 2024, 13:49 (UTC)