ARtificial Intelligence for Environment & Sustainability, in short ARIES, is an international and multidisciplinary research project intending to make an open-source platform for interoperable models and data, based on the k.LAB technology: an AI-powered and web-accessible software building for the first time new knowledge from the integration of the existing one. Thanks to AI we have automated data and model integration to provide transparent and FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data assembly and reporting in a fast and cheap way. ARIES’ innovative approach uses a key artificial intelligence (AI) research field that has seen limited application to date: Machine Reasoning. This consists of teaching a machine how to draw conclusions based on existing knowledge and using logical techniques such as induction and deduction. Through a modelling environment, ARIES researchers can share and link their knowledge using semantics. It is the only developing language in the world based on machine-readable conceptualizations. The result: a fully collaborative Wikipedia of data and models. ARIES provides computational solutions to address the world’s most complex sustainability issues, thereby accelerating climate change mitigation and adaptation.